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Repair Your Stucco Failures As Soon As Possible!

Do not ignore stucco failures. Although stucco cracks and blisters may not appear that big of a problem, you should not minimize their potential to cause more serious problems behind your exterior walls. Water enters the home through the compromised stucco, causing damage and mold to the drywall inside.

Assessment of Stucco Damages

The critical step in the entire stucco repair process is correctly assessing the scope of the repair project. Sierra Remodeling has more than 30 years of experience in determining cause and effect of stucco failures. Correctly identifying the source of your stucco problems will ensure a comprehensive repair that saves you money and unnecessary repeat failures and repair visits. Hiring a handyman to repair those no-big-deal stucco cracks can cost you a lot of money and frustration!

What Causes Stucco Damage

Here in the Sierra Vista area, monsoons and excessive moisture can cause your stucco to crack and become soft and crumbly over time. Leaking rain gutters, improper roof flashing, old caulking, sloping yards, large tree roots, automobile accidents, large equipment impacts and foundation settling and cracking all can damage your stucco walls and the watertight integrity of your home. Stucco cracks may occur over time due to shrinkage, expansion and contractions that are brought on by the elements. Expansion, wind and stress all play vital roles in why cracking occurs. Other issues that cause cracking in plaster can be brought on by improper installation of lath, improper mixing procedures and other variables.

Our Stucco Repairs

A stucco application that is installed properly can last for more than one hundred years. Although stucco is quite durable, it may still develop cracks, blisters or sustain impact damage. When this occurs you need to hire a stucco repair contractor that is experienced and reputable such as Sierra Remodeling. We are the Sierra Vista stucco repair experts!

Sierra Remodeling can assist you with all of your stucco repair issues including:

  • Stucco coatings
  • Stucco color matching
  • Stucco texture matching
  • Stucco patching
  • Stucco blister repairs, chips and cracks
  • Removing causes of stucco failures

As a professional stucco repair company in Sierra Vista and Cochise County, we have the necessary experience and expertise to correct stucco failures and minimize their recurrence.

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