Fascia Replacement

We replace fascia and soffit!

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Rotting fascia and soffit boards are a common problem in our harsh Arizona environment. Fascia boards “face” the street and, if they are in disrepair, the curb appeal of your home and your community is negatively affected.

Fascia and Soffit: What and Where?

The fascia and soffit both have 24/7 exposure to the elements, which means they are more prone to rotting and damage.

The fascia board runs along the very edges of your roof just under your gutters. The soffit is a panel installed just below the roof line (where birds and rodents often like to nest).

Common Problems with the Fascia and Soffit

Both the fascia and the soffit can affect the “curb appeal” of your home when you go to resell it. But more than that, leaving necessary repairs undone can affect your home’s resale value.

Once wood begins to rot, it is often impossible to determine how much of a panel may be compromised. This makes replacement a better long-term option and also more cost effective.

Older homes may not have a fascia at all. Older homes may also have a wooden soffit instead of vinyl, which makes the soffit more prone to rotting. In most cases, if the fascia is rotting, the soffit is likely compromised as well and vice versa.

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