Beautiful Velux skylights

Using VELUX skylights to make bonus rooms brighter video

Sierra Remodeling loves installing VELUX skylights! VELUX skylights make it easy to transform your home into a bright and healthy environment. When you open up your living space to fresh air and natural sunlight, it translates into greater energy for your body and mind. There are many benefits and reasons why you should install skylights throughout you home.

VELUX offers a wide variety of modern, technologically advanced skylights to choose from, but luckily we’re here to help you pick the option that work bests for you and your family. Call us at (520) 459-3164 and, visit our showroom floor. We are located at 1840 S. Highway 92 in Sierra Vista, Arizona!

Using blue as a neutral color

If you’ve been reading about neutral palette décor, don’t limit yourself to white or gray. The blogger behind Designer Trapped in a Lawyer’s Body shows how blue can be a neutral onto which to layer pattern and texture. She partnered with VELUX to add three skylights to her master bedroom suite, which not only significantly brightens the space, but also complements her décor by adding a sky view above.

Sierra Remodeling can lighten almost any room in your home whether it is a large walk-in closet, a dark bathroom, a large living room in need of central light or your kitchen in need of freeing up some wall space for additional cabinets.

VELUX Skylights Brighten Kitchen

When Brendan and Nicole McGlinch decided to build their forever home, they knew they wanted it filled with natural light. Their open plan design connects the kitchen with the family room and a row of four VELUX No Leak Electric “Fresh Air” Skylights extend across the roof ridge, resulting in natural light throughout the kitchen. Watch to see how their daylighting plan truly makes the kitchen the heart of their home. Explore more skylight design ideas at and visit the Sierra Remodeling showroom.

Using Skylights for a Four-Season Porch

Architect Sarah Armstrong loves the art and craft of architecture. When a client asked her to create a four-season, screened-in porch that would look like it was part of the original house, she got to work taking a cue from the home’s craftsman style for details in the porch. She used three VELUX fixed skylights to bring light into the porch itself, as well as to the living room and kitchen. The skylights also provide a sky view from a hammock hanging in the porch and are framed into the tongue-and-groove ceiling in such a way that the focus is the sky instead of the skylight frame.

Natural Light from Skylights Brings Ann Arbor Kitchen to Life

Architect Dawn Zuber of Studio Z Architecture talks about how she used skylights to transform a small, dark kitchen of a Colonial-style home in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The original kitchen had only one window, making it hard for the homeowner – a food columnist – to photograph her culinary creations. Zuber expanded the space, added VELUX skylights for soft, natural light throughout the day and connected the kitchen with a new family room that was added onto the back of the house. See more skylight design ideas at and visit our showroom at 1840 S Highway 92 in Sierra Vista, Arizona.

Architect: Skylight crucial to light, airy modern farmhouse

Architect Dominique Lobjois of De Bilt Homes uses VELUX skylights to create air flow in the homes she designs. Air movement and natural light are essential to creating a retreat from everyday life. In the modern farmhouse profiled in this video, she placed the skylight at the top of the stairwell. When it’s open along with a window below, a soft breeze wafts through the house, making air conditioning unnecessary. Natural light from the skylight also creates a design feature in the stairwell: it brings out the texture of the sisal-covered steps and the wood grain of cedar plank wall. Find more skylight inspiration at

Call us at (520) 459-3164 and, visit our showroom floor for assistance with installing skylights in your home. We are located at 1840 S. Highway 92 in Sierra Vista, Arizona!

[Kitchen remodel]

Scott Miller visited our home and carefully listened to what we said we wanted to do with remodeling our kitchen. We then visited the showroom to see the remodeling design and the cabinets. The design gave us everything we requested and more. He helped us choose the new sink and faucet. He was able to get the exact counter tops we wanted. When a couple of items arrived that were not right, he immediately contacted the vendor to get what was needed.

The work went swiftly, the men were always on time, were friendly, and cleaned up every day. Once the new cabinets were installed they placed the old counter tops on and re-attached the sink and faucet so that we could function until the new items arrived. I have already recommended this company to two friends and will to others.

The remodeling design was more than we hoped for after 25 years of saving to have “our” kitchen. The materials arrived quickly and the work went swiftly. A couple of cabinet doors needed to be replaced and that was taken care of right away. Somewhere in transit, part of the counter top was broken. The others were installed and the replacement came within two weeks. This was terrific in that this particular top is no longer made by the company and there was no supply stock — they were able to fix the broken top and it fits perfectly. The workers always arrived on time, were friendly, and cleaned every day. The plumber who was subcontracted was not as expected, but this company (Sierra Remodeling) immediately fixed the problems. Scott visited several times to make sure everything was going well and to ask for our input. Every item on our tick list was taken care of in a timely manner. Today, we have a beautiful kitchen with cabinets, counter tops, sink and faucet exactly as we had envisioned. We have already recommended this company to two friends which is unusual after most experiences with contractors.

Carolyn W. in Nogales, Arizona

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