Formica Laminate Countertops

2017 Formica® Residential Laminates and the Trends video

The original high pressure Laminate by Formica Group

Formica® Brand Laminate offers a broader range of looks than ever before. Let Sierra Remodeling transform your spaces with their modern laminates that are as beautiful as they are durable. Mix and match solids, graphic patterns and finishes. Achieve the look you want for any design challenge or budget.

Not your Grandmother’s Formica® Laminate Counters!

From eye-catching wood looks to contemporary concrete patterns, the 2016 Formica® Residential Laminate collection is comprised of ten beautiful patterns. Review the video to find the surface that is perfect for your next Sierra Remodeling renovation project. Or explore the collection today at

The Incredible Design Story of 180fx® by Formica Group

180fx® by Formica Group marks a revolution in surfacing with true-to-scale granite patterns that offer visual drama unmatched by any other laminate. Modern, sophisticated patterns focus on a neutral palette – versatile enough to pair with any Sierra Remodeling interior design concept.

Learn how 180fx® by Formica Group came to fruition with the incredible design story, featuring Renee Hytry Derrington, Group Vice President of Design, and Gerri Chmiel, Senior Residential Design Manager for Formica North America. Then, explore the 180fx® by Formica Group collection today and order free samples of your favorites at

180fx® by Formica Group

180fx® by Formica Group marks a revolution in surfacing with true-to-scale granite patterns that offer visual drama unmatched by any other laminate. Modern, sophisticated high resolution patterns focus on a neutral palette – versatile enough to pair with any Sierra Remodeling interior design concept.

What is Formica® Laminate

Laminate was invented by Formica Group founders, electrical engineers Daniel J. O’Conor and Herbert A. Faber in 1913. Howard Richter of Sierra Remodeling started installing Formica laminate countertops in 1979 and, he has continued to install them ever since! Follow along as we teach you about the history of Formica® Laminate and how it’s made.

Laminate versus Granite

Hot topic! Laminate and granite are two very different countertop materials, with some similarities and some differences. Learn more about each product now and consider all the facts before you plan your next Sierra Remodeling kitchen or bathroom renovation. James Young, TV star and expert contractor, hosts!

ColorCore®2 by Formica Group

Basic, affordable materials like COLORCORE®2 Laminate can be used by Sierra Remodeling in highly creative ways to transcend their fundamental practicality. Now more versatile than ever, COLORCORE®2 Laminate offers an assortment of inspiring solid colors and patterns that go all the way through—so there’s no dark edge!


[Patio extension] [Room addition]

I am writing to let you know how much we enjoyed working with your employee, Scott Miller, during the planning and construction of our recent screened-in, extended patio project at our home in Winterhaven at Country Club Estates here in Sierra Vista.

From the time of our first meeting, Scott represented your firm with the utmost of professionalism, competency, and congeniality. Before selecting a contractor, my husband and I researched and interviewed six contestant firms. Scott had me at our first meeting.

He arrived at the appointed time (which we requested after our work hours, AND his), and had done his homework. He enthusiastically participated in the design of our extension, and offered suggestions that we hadn’t even considered. We had some special circumstances in that we had purchased a hot tub and had to increase the height of the structure (and the size of the planned doors) in order to accommodate the possible removal of the tub in the future. Scott’s response to that obstacle was, as always: “No problem, we can do it.” And he did! His drawings were FAR and above what any of the other contractors were able to develop, and once again, his competency and demeanor won us over. While you may consider his actions just “part of his job,” we certainly believe that he went over and above the demands of that job.

During the project, Scott kept us informed every day of developments, and listened attentively and patiently to questions and requests at all times. All City forms were submitted correctly and approved promptly, and he presented us with a complete package that satisfied the stringent Winterhaven Homeowners Association requirements with NO modification, allowing the schedule to be met.

Scott coordinated the services of all the required personnel expertly, including the men who poured cement for the foundation, the framers, the carpenters, the electrician, the drywall and stucco personnel, and the painters. He saw to it that all inspections were conducted (and passed) routinely. He got down on his hands and knees on a Saturday morning to help us design a tile pattern that would disguise the fact that we were not able to match our old tile. And, as my husband remarked to me on more than one occasion: Scott never failed to have something done when he said it would be, and he always had a can-do attitude. We’ve worked with quite a few contractors here in Sierra Vista, and I must tell you that the interest Scott showed in getting our project completed on time and to desired specifications is HARD TO FIND in the general population.

As you know, at the end of the day, of primary importance is the success of the project, measured by the satisfaction of the client. I can assure you that Scott’s project – which he designed and saw through to completion — turned out to be all and MORE than we expected. We are completely pleased with our new addition, and will enjoy it for many years to come. Furthermoe, I will be extolling to everyone I know how well your firm, and especially Scott, performed for us, including a testimonial on the Winterhaven website where, from time to time, our neighbors request information about contractors for home improvement projects.

Please extend our best wishes and thanks to Scott for his services, if you will. It was a pleasure doing business with your firm, and when we are ready to start another home project, we’ll call you first!


Karen C. in Sierra Vista, Arizona

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