Our Ten Step Process

Our Proven 10-Step Process Endures

For most homeowners, the idea of home remodeling is a double-edged sword; 1) the relief of finally improving or building your home and 2) the angst knowing you are about to start an exciting new chapter with unknown remodeling contractors. The truth is dealing with some home remodeling and building contractors is absolutely regrettable. However, Sierra Remodeling has refined its homebuilding and home remodeling process over nearly 40 years in business here in the Vistas.

Our process has been developed, scrutinized and changed over time in order to remove all the friction points to you the homeowner. We realize your time, money and perhaps even patience are in short supply and, we do everything within our power to construct the home of your dreams sans all the pain and disruption.

Our 10 Step Home Remodeling and Home Building Process
1. Initial phone call

Call Sierra Remodeling and Home Builders at (520) 459-3164.

After discussing your project over the phone and, if necessary, we will schedule a no-cost consultation where we will discuss:

  • Your vision
  • Budget range
  • Timetable

This first step is often the most important since we want to ensure your vision, budget and timetable are all in alignment and fully understood by both parties.

2. Showroom visit

After we discuss your project, we may then need to schedule you for a visit to our showroom. Here we will:

  • Review any drawings of your project
  • Introduce you to our showroom
  • Familiarize you with our samples
  • Let you choose materials for your project

3. Proposal

After fully consulting with you, we will assemble all your information and draft a formal proposal. Our proposal will contain:

  • Outline of the complete scope of work
  • Products by model number to be installed
  • List of your color choices
  • Steps to ensure a successful outcome

4. Customer deposit

In our formal proposal there will be included a total cost of the project and a payment schedule. Your payment schedule is based on a deposit and four project milestones.

Up front will will accept your deposit for work that has been completed to date.

As construction progresses, we will then invoice you as we complete each of the four milestones.

5. Secure financing

Yes, Sierra Remodeling can assist you with financing your project. We offer Wells Fargo Home Improvement loans with rates as low as 6.99%!

We accept a variety of payments including:

  • Cash or personal check
  • Personal credit cards
  • Financing through a third party

6. Schedule project

Upon signing your contract, we take immediate steps to get things in motion! Behind the scenes we get busy:

  • Ordering materials and products
  • Drawing blueprints
  • Applying for permits
  • Drafting HOA drawings
  • Gathering HOA documents that you must submit if necessary

Additionally, we kick in our Planning Department and schedule your job from start to finish. Finally, we assign and meet with your on-site project lead. They will be the tradesperson who will be your main point of contact throughout the construction process at your home.

7. Start project

On the start date of your project, your salesperson will accompany your assigned project lead to your home. They will review the entire project with you, answer all of your questions and ensure your home remodel or home build is on track and off to a great start!

Visit our During the Remodel page to learn what to expect.

8. Site visits

During the construction process, your salesperson will visit your home daily and ensure your project remains on track. They will address any questions or concerns you might have then.

During their regular visits to your home, your salesperson will stay on top of any required inspections and milestones.

9. Project completion

After your project is complete, your salesperson will perform a final walk-through with you and the project lead. Every item will be evaluated, checked for proper operation and functionality.

Visit our After the Remodel page to learn more about this thorough inspection.

10. Construction ends

Upon completion of your project and during our final meeting with you, we address:

  • Any questions or concerns you may have
  • Warranties will be delivered
  • Post construction checklist is completed
  • Final payment will be made to include any change orders

[Room Addition]

My husband and I decided to use your companies remodeling services when we watched Joe and Danette F.’s home being built in 2004. We met Scott Miller your salesman, and relayed to him what we thought we might want our addition to look like. Scott was very thorough and confident with his design, and incorporated the ideas that we wanted with ease. We decided to have our remodel start in November 2004, and Scott was very accommodating, showing us step by step what we were to expect of your company in a reasonable time frame, about 3 months. A schedule of payments was submitted by us through all phases of the work.

The crew was very respectful of our home and us. Tom and Isa, spent several days here and we noticed that all of your employees were able to do any of the tasks up to code. Greg Miller, the lead framer helped us plan out little extra details that we had not thought of. David Westover did the stucco, drywall and painting and everything matches the existing home and looks very professional. Greg Larrision did the final trim, and Deb Taylor did the final cleanup inside our home as well as the outside. Your crew was here every day at the same time, and left our home in a clean and neat fashion before they left for the day. Our home was completed 2 weeks ahead of schedule.

We don’t want to forget Jeremy, we don’t want to forget his time and effort in this project. He seems to be getting trained for his position quite well.

We are very pleased with the work that was done and we will highly recommend your company to anyone looking for a new home to be built or a remodeling job.

Gerald and Joan O. in Sierra Vista, Arizona

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